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How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt.3

Healthcare organizations of every size integrate RightFax with MFP devices – whether it’s a single MFP or an entire global fleet of MFPs. Integration modules for RightFax and the MFP device allow for a fully-functioning, efficient integration that allows for a feature-rich, interactive user experience at the MFP device for faxing.

Understanding HIPAA and Document Security with RightFax

Most healthcare organizations comprehend the importance of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strive to never purposely place patient information at risk. However, with many healthcare providers facing time constraints tied directly to required billable hour and healthcare services, there is little time for them to be IT or legal expert.

Live Webinar: Facilitating Smart Communications in Healthcare

Quality patient care requires clear communication between patient, provider and other healthcare organizations – from pharmacies to labs to diagnostic imaging. For many, fax is often the only accepted method for transmitting information between entities. Healthcare organizations that can make this communication easier, more secure, and reliably auditable will undoubtedly improve patient care. 

How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt. 2

For many providers, RightFax has proved to be a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds as well as a platform for maintaining critical, HIPAA compliant communications between providers not on the same EHR system.  In some hospitals, fax machines, either on site or in remote clinics, have become the favored means of digitizing paper and routing documents into their EHR systems.

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Epic EMR and EHR Integration for RightFax

The healthcare industry is driven by many specialized documents including claims information, lab reports, and admittance records. Timely, secure, and efficient delivery of these documents is essential for patient-focused and cost-conscious healthcare organizations. Meeting government regulations and initiatives (such as HIPAA and HITECH) dictate how these communications are handled is also an important consideration.

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Clinical Doctors loathe their EHRs, right? Not these physicians

EHR dissatisfaction is rampant. Doctors complain about too many clicks and unusable interfaces, to name just two common gripes. Health IT pros and clinicians hear and read about these problems a lot. But the other side of the story — physicians who say the EHR makes them better doctors — is less-often told.

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How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt.1

OpenText RightFax, the premiere enterprise fax server solution is the preferred choice for a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS). Using these systems, healthcare professionals are able to develop a secure way of electronically transferring confidential patient information. Through universal Multi-Function Printer (MFPs) integration, RightFax supports faxing paper-based documents. Utilizing electronic records, many organizations integrate RightFax directly with their EMRs or EHRs–eliminating the need for standalone fax machines while maintaining privacy compliance with a complete audit trail information.

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Communicate between EMRs with RightFax

The world is digitally evolving. Information- and access to that information- is at your fingertips. The health industry is no exception. EHRs and EMRs are the digital technology that is improving the quality and convenience of patient care. However, communicating and sharing protected health information (PHI) across disparate applications and with different providers can be problematic. How can you share both electronic and paper records in an efficient and secure manner between disparate systems?

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Desktop Faxing with OpenText™ RightFax™ and Microsoft® Exchange

In the time that it takes you to send an email with an attachment, you can also send a fax — from that same email application. Faxes can be sent, as a fax, from within any email application to any fax machine around the world, without the risk of hackers, viruses, or malicious spyware. Faxes can be sent securely and quickly, and as easily as lifting a single finger.

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Turning Information Delivery into a Strategic Advantage, Conclusion

Organizations have invested significant time and money to monitor the transactions and performance of information systems including purchasing, inventory, email, CRMs, EMRs, and managed financial systems. Companies can turn this information into a strategic advantage by quickly and cost-effectively distributing it to their customers, suppliers and trading partners.

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Happy Holidays

We hope you all enjoy your holiday, spending time with your family and friends. To all our customers and partners, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone one of you for another successful year. We offer our best wishes and happiness to you and your families as we all look forward to a successful 2018!

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Turning Information Delivery into a Strategic Advantage, Part 3

RightFax utilizes a four-phase workflow process to automate document delivery and receipt from back-office business applications. The process captures any form of information, renders it an electronic image, distributes the document via fax, email, certified email, secure PDF or SMS and creates customized reports, including host notifications.

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What Makes OpenText Cloud Fax Services Enterprise Class

Fax’s ubiquitous nature makes it an essential enterprise messaging function; it remains a significant mode of transacting business. However, the productivity drains and high costs associated with using standalone fax machines have become detrimental to the bottom line. Employees are wasting valuable time performing the steps necessary to send a fax.

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