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Information About RightFax and FaxPulse

RightFax Encryption Module

Provide an extra layer of protection to your confidential fax workflow by encrypting all fax images in the RightFax image directory with TripleDES 192 bit security.

RightFax Image High Availability

Eliminate the burden of complex and time-consuming storage and network management tasks while using the SQL replication tools you know. 

RightFax Secure FoIP Module

Provide an extra layer of protection by encrypting fax traffic within the firewall with support for TLS over SIP. 

How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt.1

OpenText RightFax, the premiere enterprise fax server solution is the preferred choice for a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS). Using these systems, healthcare professionals are able to develop a secure way of electronically transferring confidential patient information. Through universal Multi-Function Printer (MFPs) integration, RightFax supports faxing paper-based documents. Utilizing electronic records, many organizations integrate RightFax directly with their EMRs or EHRs–eliminating the need for standalone fax machines while maintaining privacy compliance with a complete audit trail information.

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If you have problems sending and receiving faxes, inbound faxes may arrive on the fax board but do not show up in FaxUtil. Outbound faxes remain showing in FaxUtil with a status of Waiting To Be Sent.

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How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt. 2

For many providers, RightFax has proved to be a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds as well as a platform for maintaining critical, HIPAA compliant communications between providers not on the same EHR system.  In some hospitals, fax machines, either on site or in remote clinics, have become the favored means of digitizing paper and routing documents into their EHR systems.

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IP Faxing Methods Supported by RightFax

RightFax offers flexibility when it comes to deploying FoIP. Organizations can choose software, or a combination of hardware and software solutions depending on individual requirements, making it easy for companies to leverage their IP infrastructure.

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