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What’s New in RightFax 20.2?

Advantage is pleased to announce that OpenText™ RightFax™ 20.2 is now available. The newest version of RightFax is packed with new features and functionality designed to help businesses optimize workflows, shorten revenue cycle times, improve user productivity, and simplify the administrative and user experience.

RightFax Encryption Module

Provide an extra layer of protection to your confidential fax workflow by encrypting all fax images in the RightFax image directory with TripleDES 192 bit security.

RightFax Image High Availability

Eliminate the burden of complex and time-consuming storage and network management tasks while using the SQL replication tools you know. 

RightFax Error 3315 | Event ID

If you have problems sending and receiving faxes, inbound faxes may arrive on the fax board but do not show up in FaxUtil. Outbound faxes remain showing in FaxUtil with a status of Waiting To Be Sent.

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Getting Started with the RightFax Developer’s Toolkit

RightFax Developer’s Toolkit – All the resources necessary to get started on your RightFax integration.

RightFax has several programmable interfaces, including a Native C/C++ API, a COM API, a RESTful Web Services API, the RightFax Integration Module (for File and Print Based Fax Sending), and the XML Generator (for advanced inbound file-based fax routing with metadata).

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Understanding HIPAA and Document Security with RightFax

Most healthcare organizations comprehend the importance of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strive to never purposely place patient information at risk. However, with many healthcare providers facing time constraints tied directly to required billable hour and healthcare services, there is little time for them to be IT or legal expert.

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Communicate between EMRs with RightFax

The world is digitally evolving. Information- and access to that information- is at your fingertips. The health industry is no exception. EHRs and EMRs are the digital technology that is improving the quality and convenience of patient care. However, communicating and sharing protected health information (PHI) across disparate applications and with different providers can be problematic. How can you share both electronic and paper records in an efficient and secure manner between disparate systems?

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Desktop Faxing with OpenText™ RightFax™ and Microsoft® Exchange

In the time that it takes you to send an email with an attachment, you can also send a fax — from that same email application. Faxes can be sent, as a fax, from within any email application to any fax machine around the world, without the risk of hackers, viruses, or malicious spyware. Faxes can be sent securely and quickly, and as easily as lifting a single finger.

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