Desktop Faxing with OpenText™ RightFax™ and Microsoft® Exchange

Feb 15, 2020 | Case Study

The most widely used and secure way to send information isn’t by email, postal mail, or courier. It’s by fax. And, hopefully, it’s done in 30 seconds or less. Without ever leaving your desk. Without touching paper. Without paper jams. Without low toner notifications.

In the time that it takes you to send an email with an attachment, you can also send a fax — from that same email application. Faxes can be sent, as a fax, from within any email application to any fax machine around the world, without the risk of hackers, viruses, or malicious spyware. Faxes can be sent securely and quickly, and as easily as lifting a single finger.

OpenText RightFax and Microsoft Exchange

OpenText RightFax provides all the tools needed to fax-enable desktop and business applications. The OpenText RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange is an add-on module for RightFax, acting as a communication link between the RightFax and Exchange servers to send, receive and manage faxes within email.

The RightFax server and a connector on the Exchange server work together to provide a rich, powerful integration with the Microsoft Active Directory. Administrators can save a lot of time by automatically creating and synchronizing user accounts from Active Directory.



  • One simple button included in the Outlook tool bar to easily create and send faxes directly within Outlook – send a fax as easily as sending an email
  • RightFax and Outlook integration provides a single location to send, receive and manage fax transmissions
  • View real-time fax status updates within Outlook, including notifications of sent and received fax statuses
  • Access RightFax databases, including phone books, coversheets and library documents within Outlook


  • Support multiple RightFax servers with a single Exchange Server
  • Take advantage of automated redundancy and load balancing in multi-server environments
  • No need to create Exchange user accounts for faxing – Active Directory will sync RightFax and your Exchange server

How it works

With the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange, users send and receive faxes directly within Outlook. It’s simple to use and easy to manage your faxes and email from a single location.

With Connector for Microsoft Exchange, users create faxes directly in Outlook as they would create emails. Faxes can be addressed to one or more destinations automatically using the Outlook Contacts folder, or addressed manually using a simple dialog. The module includes ways for the user to customize fax cover sheets, attach electronic documents, assign billing codes, and more.

When a user faxes a document from Outlook, the module delivers the document to RightFax. RightFax renders the document to a fax format, adds a cover sheet and/or any specified attachments then transmits the document as a fax transmission. The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange also automatically routes incoming faxes to the user’s Outlook mailbox. Custom icons allow users to easily identify fax messages in their mailboxes. The fax image itself is saved in the user’s mail message as a file attachment.

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