Help Prevent Faxes from Being Sent to the Wrong Fax Number

Mar 10, 2020 | RightFax

Confidential information sent to the wrong recipient due to manual fax number entry is a potential compliance and security risk, as the Cincinnati Public School district learned this week.

After faxing student information to a local school, the district was alerted by FOX19 that student records had actually been incorrectly faxed to the wrong number. A random West Chester resident’s fax machine received confidential student information including medical records, report cards, social security cards and birth certificates. While the district did not comment further after saying “we’re sticking to our original statement,” a local attorney said it could be a violation of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

With the OpenText RightFax setting, Must Select Recipients from Phonebook, organizations can disable disable manual fax number entry to help reduce human error and limit certain users to only send faxes to phonebook recipients, preventing user error regarding confidential information.

Click here to view the original story provided by FOX19.

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