How to Ensure Your Auto-Reply Faxes Get Delivered

May 25, 2017 | General

Typically, when you place an order online, you immediately receive confirmation via email that your order was successfully received. Having a reliable way to confirm the successful receipt of an inbound fax can be critical for organizations that transmit time sensitive information, especially those in the healthcare and finance spaces.

Most auto-reply fax solutions rely solely on the Caller Id to provide the information on where to send the auto-reply fax. This was not a large issue when faxes were sent mainly from fax machines connected directly to a phone line. However, with the rise of server-based fax solutions caller id information is not always sent reliably, leading to massive auto-reply failures.

The Advanced Auto-Reply Module gives you the ability to reply to incoming faxes with a personalized, branded template that features a thumbnail image of the first page of the sender’s original fax. This tool ensures a high success rate of outbound auto-reply faxes using complex logic to determine where to send the auto-reply. It uses the following three ways to determine the appropriate number:

  1. The CSID of the incoming fax
  2. The ANI (Caller ID) of the incoming fax
  3. A translation table that maps the CSID of the incoming fax to a valid fax number.

This translation table is the key that makes the Advanced Auto-Reply Module the most powerful solution available. The translation table is automatically populated with the CSID of any failed auto-reply fax. The fax administrator can then add a proper fax number for that CSID. Subsequent attempts to send an auto-reply will then use the translation table to find the correct reply fax number based on the provided CSID. Problem solved.

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