If You’re Thinking About Integrating RightFax With Your Office 365 …You Should Read This!

Dec 9, 2016 | RightFax

Many organizations depend on hosted and cloud-based technology solutions to help improve their business workflows, reduce paper-related costs, and increase employee productivity. But sometimes real difficulties can arise when integrating cloud-based technologies with business-critical applications like RightFax, the market leader in automated fax server software. In this case, users integrating RightFax with Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online, both cloud-based solutions, in order to send and receive faxes directly from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook discover that the integration does not work when using Cached Exchange Mode. To help users address this particularly pesky problem, Advantage Technologies recently developed a unique solution: the Advantage Office 365 plugin for RightFax, fondly nicknamed the “fax hammer”.

For all users, the “fax hammer” seamlessly enables interoperability between Office 365 and the RightFax. Furthermore, there is minimal client configuration and the server-side (i.e. cloud-side) is very similar to OpenText’s documented configuration for the Exchange Connector. But here’s the best part: the solution requires zero action on the part of the user since the plugin triggers when the user hits send. It’s that simple!

For more information on the Advantage Office 365 plugin for RightFax and other fax-related solutions email info@atechnologies.com or call 866.730.1700.

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