OpenText RightFax Shared Services Module, Pt.2

Nov 27, 2019 | White Paper

RightFax Shared Services Architecture 

Scenario: Normal State  

In the Normal state, there is a 48 channel RightFax Shared Services environment. There are 2 RightFax Enterprise servers with the Shared Services Module and 2 DocTransport servers. The two application servers are licensed for 24 fax channels. Both servers share a common set of data. The DocTransport servers is where the fax channels are located.  


Faxes can be sent and received by all 48 channels. User client sessions are routed to either server by the IP traffic manager. RightFax Application 1 can send faxes through either of the DocTransport servers based on dialing rules. Inbound calls are distributed to both DocTransport servers by the PBX or carrier. 


With all components in the shared services environment running, this system is running at 100% and both application nodes and all 48 channels are available.   

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