OpenText RightFax Shared Services Module, Pt.3

Jan 25, 2020 | White Paper

RightFax Shared Services Architecture 

Scenario: Application Node 1 Becomes Unavailable
If RightFax Application node 1 is down, there is no loss of functionally or telephony bandwidth. All 48 channels are available for use. RightFax Application 2 will receive all the RightFax client connections. Inbound faxes will be delivered to the database and image store by DocTransport 1 and 2.

With RightFax Application node 1 down this shared services environment is able to send and receive on all 48 channels. There is no interruption in fax server access and usage or channel capacity.

This is part three of a five part white paper series. To download the full series, click the link below.

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