OpenText RightFax Shared Services Module, Pt.4

Sep 20, 2019 | White Paper

RightFax Shared Services Architecture 

Scenario: DocTransport 1 Becomes Unavailable

Scenario: DocTransport 1 Becomes Unavailable If DocTransport 1 is down, there is no loss of functionality or connectivity for client sessions. Fifty percent (50%) of the fax channel capacity is unavailable. Outbound faxes will queue and be sent as fax channels become available. Inbound fax calls will receive a busy signal once the 24 lines on DocTransport 2 become saturated with calls.

With DocTransport 1 down this shared services environment is able to send and receive on DocTransport 2 using 24 channels. There is a loss of capacity but no loss of functionality.

Scenario: Data Tier Becomes Unavailable

If there is a failure within the data tier, it could be a SQL Server failure or fax image file storage failure. Network outage could also make the data tier unavailable to the RightFax shared services environment. Fax channels that are set for inbound calls only will continue to receive and send queued faxes at the DocTransport layer. These faxes will not be available on the RightFax server until the data tier becomes available. Only channels set to receive only will still receive faxes. From a desktop user perspective, the system appears to be down. RightFax clients will not be able to access the server or faxes.

If the data tier is lost the DocTransport servers can still receive faxes. DocTransport servers cannot deliver fax images or make SQL database entries until those resources have returned to service.

This is part four of a five part white paper series. To download the full series, click the link below.

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