OpenText RightFax Shared Services Module, Pt.5

Oct 20, 2019 | White Paper

Considerations and Planning for Business Continuity

There are many ways to accomplish business continuity for faxing. RightFax Shared Services is just one of the ways RightFax accomplishes business continuity. RightFax provides a scalable, secure platform to cover the faxing requirements of any organization. A shared services environment should be architected to suit the needs of the specific business or customer.

Careful planning is necessary for both planned and unplanned outages. Answering these questions will help an organization build a business continuity plan for RightFax.

  • What is the business impact if the fax server fails?
  • Is multisite disaster recovery a requirement?
  • What might be an acceptable time for recovery in the event of an outage?
  • Can the system process the volume of faxes during peak traffic times?
  • What is the estimated growth? What scalability requirements are there?
  • During an outage can the business function with partial capacity?
  • What changes in telephony infrastructure need to be made if any?

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