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Information About RightFax and FaxPulse

RightFax in an IP Environment

RightFax was designed as a flexible centralized document delivery hub, which can support FoIP, traditional PSTN or both.

How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt.1

OpenText RightFax, the premiere enterprise fax server solution is the preferred choice for a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS). Using these systems, healthcare professionals are able to develop a secure way of electronically transferring confidential patient information. Through universal Multi-Function Printer (MFPs) integration, RightFax supports faxing paper-based documents. Utilizing electronic records, many organizations integrate RightFax directly with their EMRs or EHRs–eliminating the need for standalone fax machines while maintaining privacy compliance with a complete audit trail information.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Migrating Your Organization from an On-Premise Fax Server System to a Cloud-Based Fax Solution

Cloud-based fax service could great alternative to an on-premise fax system. We have outlined the top 5 things to consider before migrating to a cloud based fax service.

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