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Benefits of Fax Servers Using FoIP

Organizations adopting an IP telephony environment may further streamline their messaging infrastructure and enhance the benefits of their existing fax server by enabling it to support FoIP.

IP Faxing Methods Supported by RightFax

RightFax offers flexibility when it comes to deploying FoIP. Organizations can choose software, or a combination of hardware and software solutions depending on individual requirements, making it easy for companies to leverage their IP infrastructure.

MFP Connectors: Don’t Complicate Your RightFax Support

Learn how we can help you successfully integrate your MFPs with RightFax and help keep your RightFax support with the experts who know you best.

The Complete Network Fax Solution for Cisco Environments

Corporations are continuing to centralize fax operations as a way to lower their operating costs, in the process buying larger fax servers and mainly FoIP servers. FoIP servers open the possibility to place servers anywhere on an IP network and be able to serve any PC on the network.

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Successful EHR interoperability starts locally

Interoperability is one of the most difficult challenges with electronic health record optimization: The ability to share clinical data across health systems and respective EHRs. Sometimes it takes a personal experience to drive home the meaning of interoperability, not only to the healthcare professionals who regularly interface with the EHR, but the patients.

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Getting Started with the RightFax Developer’s Toolkit

RightFax Developer’s Toolkit – All the resources necessary to get started on your RightFax integration.

RightFax has several programmable interfaces, including a Native C/C++ API, a COM API, a RESTful Web Services API, the RightFax Integration Module (for File and Print Based Fax Sending), and the XML Generator (for advanced inbound file-based fax routing with metadata).

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How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt. 4

RightFax has several programmable interfaces, including a Native C/C++ API, a COM API, a RESTful Web Services API, and the RightFax Integration Module. The first three are included with every RightFax edition, while the Integration Module is an Add-On to RightFax.

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