RightFax Encryption Module

Apr 16, 2020 | RightFax

Information security remains one of the most significant concerns for organizations worldwide. Internal breaches and external threats plague all businesses, but those that exchange protected, confidential and private information are particularly at risk. The extra layer of protection provided by the RightFax Encryption Module adds even more security to a RightFax fax server implementation.

The RightFax Encryption Module encrypts all fax images at rest in the RightFax image directory with TripleDES 192-bit security, protecting your organization from unauthorized access to data from anyone who has permissions and the ability to bypass the full audit capabilities of RightFax.

Remember, while RightFax provides a full audit trail, you only receive that trail if people are using the tool.

Administrators can accidentally or unintentionally access information by browsing the stored PHI file directly or repaired computer hardware can be accidentally accessed, leaving your organization at risk for fines.

With the Encryption Module, access to encrypted images is only allowed from the RightFax client through the RightFax API, a full audit trail is provided if the owner of the fax, or anyone with delegate access, views the decrypted copy of the fax image via the fax client.

Contact your Account Manager or click the button below to get module pricing and provide an extra layer of protection to your confidential fax workflow with the Encryption Module.

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