RightFax Image High Availability

Apr 10, 2020 | RightFax

Organizations with existing SQL high availability strategies, such as leveraging an AlwaysOn availability group, can simplify their RightFax environment by moving their fax image storage from the traditional Windows file share to a SQL database with the RightFax SQL Image Storage Module.

With the ability to remove one single point of failure from your RightFax system, you can leverage your existing investment while making your RightFax system more resilient should an unexpected system failure occur.

Eliminating the burden of complex and time-consuming storage and network management tasks, the SQL Image Storage Module with your existing SQL infrastructure, simplifies a redundant RightFax implementation.

As your certified ASP Support Partner, Advantage Technologies can assist you with the project planning and implementation of the SQL Image Storage Module and all other pieces of your RightFax system. Contact us today to enhance your RightFax infrastructure’s overall availability with the RightFax Image High Availability Module.

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