Solving the Fax Retention Puzzle

May 30, 2017 | General

The IQ Fax Archive Connector for RightFax

Managing the storage of faxes on a high volume RightFax system can be a nightmare for administrators. Retention policies often require that faxes be kept for years, but maintaining a large number of faxes in RightFax can be detrimental to performance – slowing down the RightFax system to the point where it becomes unusable. The best course of action is to get those faxes out of RightFax and archived into a true document management system.

Finding a specific fax can be extremely frustrating when using FaxUtil – especially when there are years’ worth of faxes to search through. IQ Fax Archive has a built-in OCR engine that will convert the fax image into searchable text, allowing administrators to not only search on fax metadata – such as Date, Owner, etc. – but also perform full-text searches on the actual content of the fax. This powerful search tool will cut down on the amount of time necessary to find a fax when the need arises.

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