The Myth of the Single Universal Print Driver

Oct 3, 2019 | Archive, EPHCP

“One print driver to rule them all,” many have tried, and many have failed.

EveryonePrint recently launched a new product, Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP), and one of the features we are marketing is a ‘Single print driver’.

Being a seasoned veteran of the print market space, when I first heard that we were doing this, I thought for sure I was destined to become one of the many who claimed to have this but failed to really deliver.

Why do so many fail, why is this so difficult? 

The problem is that every single printer in the market has a unique print driver, some even offer more than one print driver. There are drivers for color, drivers for black and white. Drivers for advanced print options. Not to mention unique drivers for each operating system a user might have. Most developers settle for the most common features found across most drivers, and try to develop a single driver to address that space. Leaving room for failure when a customer uses advanced print attributes, or needs enhanced print options.

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