Virtualizing OpenText RightFax with Fax over IP and OpenText Fax Gateway, Pt.2

Sep 9, 2019 | White Paper

Virtualization scenarios

The diagrams below depict some of the possible virtual RightFax scenarios. Each requires OpenText RightFax, an OpenText Fax Gateway, SR140 real-time FoIP software, and a supported virtual server hypervisor.

Simple Concept
The diagram below depicts a simple, virtualized IP-based RightFax deployment. Real-time, software based FoIP is achieved with SR140 and an OpenText Fax Gateway. The image storage, SQL server and RightFax server are all contained on a single virtual machine.

Shared Services Model
The diagram below depicts a fully virtualized Shared Services collective. The fax servers all share a single SQL database and fax data repository via the High-Availability architecture facilitated by the Shared Services Module. Virtual collectives also support virtual SQL Servers, as well as SAN and NAS storage centers. This architecture can be geographically dispersed to allow for site level redundancy.

Hybrid Model
This model depicts a mixed virtual and hardware-based environment consisting of a virtualized Shared Services Collective, and a chassis-based Remote DocTransport server (containing a legacy fax board). Dialing rules route faxes between the virtual servers and the Remote DocTransport. Each of the virtual servers can be configured to use the legacy system, the FoIP Gateway, or both. This scenario could also include a traditional RightFax server (with or without a fax board) with no loss in functionality.

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