Webinar Recording: Why Upgrade to RightFax 16.2

Dec 19, 2017 | RightFax, Webinar

New Features, Capabilities and Updates

Hold on. RightFax 16.2? Have I missed something? 
No, you have not missed out on of any new releases of RightFax. OpenText is simply unifying the version numbers for all its software. RightFax 16.2 is the successor to RightFax 10.6. 

Webinar Overview 
Organizations are continually working on improving their systems’ availability – choosing High Availability (HA) implementation models – and reducing the administrative overhead necessary to maintain these systems. RightFax 16.2 introduces some important new feature that support these strategic initiatives. 

New features and capabilities that we will review include:

  • RightFax SQL Image High Availability
  • Simplified MFP Integrations
  • New Web Admin Tool
  • Additional Administrative Controls

View the recording now to understand these new features and begin the planning process for your RightFax system upgrade.

Host: Jeff Kunstler – Vice President, Technical Services at Advantage Technologies

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